Cignature (Hangul:시그니처) formerly known as C9 GIRLZ is a 7 member girl group under J9 Entertainment. The group is composed of Chaesol, Jee Won, Seline, Belle, Chloe, Semi and Do Hee. They debuted on Feb 4, 2020 with their first digital single Nun Nu Nan Na. Members Sunn and Ye Ah left the group in March 2021, announced officially in April. On June 13, 2021 there were announced two new members: Chloe and Do Hee.

Pre Debut

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Before debuting some members of Cignature performed in the group GOOD DAY. In the group Chaesol, Ye Ah (formerly Haeun), Jee Won (formerly Jiwon), Sunn (formerly Viva) and Belle (formerly Lucky) all promoted in the group. They were announced as C9 Girls and would promote as GOOD DAY.

The group debuted with their first mini album All Day Good Day. Members Heejin, Genie, Chaesol, Jiwon, Viva and Lucky all went as contestants on Reality show The Unit.

Reformation as C9 Girlz

On Nov 11, 2019 it was announced that a new girl group C9 Girlz would be formed with past members Jiwon debuting under the stage name Jee Won, Chaesol, Viva who will be renamed Sunn, Lucky renamed Belle, and Haeun renamed Ye Ah. They were all introduced in that order throughout the groups social media.

On Jan 14, the name and logo for the group was revealed and their group name would officially be called Cignature. New members Semi and Seline were revealed as well and they would officially promote as a group. [1]

On Jan 15 a day after C9 Entertainment announced that they will create a new label J9 Entertainment specifically for girl groups. Their first group Cignature would debut under the label and was announced to debut in February.[2]0

Debut with Nun Nu Nan Na

On Jan 30-31 Cignature released teaser videos and da00n.

The video for their new single Nun Nu Nan Na. On Jan 27-28 a photoshoot for their new single was released as well.

Cignature made their first debut with the digital single titled Nun Nu Nan Na. The music video was released on Feb 4 at 6pm KST. The same day as the single's release they held a showcase at Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul.

The group explained meanings of their name as Chaesol stated that the group was supposed to be the signature of kpop making their name a play on that word. The group talked about how their debut Nun Nu Nan Na wasn't supposed to give them a Rookie Of The Year Award but the fact they were grateful to make their debut as rookies as Sunn had stated.[3]

Second Digital Single ASSA

On March 26, Cignature announced that they would be preparing for the music video release of their lead single B ASSA. It was released on April 6 6PM KST and performed at other areas as well.

First EP Album Listen and Speak

On September 9, Cignature announced the release of their first extended play Listen and Speak and released a video teaser for it. The album was released September 26 at 6PM KST.

Cignature hosted numerous digital fansigns during Listen and Speak's promotion. Fans won tickets through a raffle after purchasing Listen and Speak from specific sellers.

Promotions for ARISONG ended on October 25 with an SBS Inkigayo performance.

Comeback with Dear Diary Moment

On Hanbam Show, they announced they are coming back in September and they even spoiled a little bit of the song. They came back on September-October with their second mini album "Dear Diary Moment" and the title track "Boyfriend".


  • Chaesol - Vocalist, Visual
  • Jee Won - Lead Vocalist, Center, Face of the Groug
  • Seline - Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
  • Chloe - Main Vocalist [4]
  • Belle - Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Semi - Lead Dancer, Main Vocalist [5]
  • Do Hee - Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae [6]

Former Members

  • Ye Ah - Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Sunn - Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist


  • They are the first girl group debut of the decade.
  • Five of the members were in GOOD DAY.
  • Four of the members, Chaesol, Jee Won, Sunn and Belle, were on The Unit. Jee Won got the highest, finishing in 11th place, however, only the top 9 went into the group.
  • Sunn and Ye Ah left the group in preparation of a March comeback.


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