GOOD DAY (굿데이) was a ten-member girl group under C9 Entertainment. They debuted on August 30, 2017, with their first and only mini album All Day Good Day and it's title track was Rolly.

They appear to have silently disbanded as five of the girls (Chaesol, Jiwon, Haeun, Viva, Lucky) were introduced as members of Cignature in 2019. The other members Genie, Cherry, Nayoon renamed Ari and Bomin along with new member Lina have debuted in the group REDSQUARE under About Entertainment.


Heejin - Leader, Main Vocalist
Genie - Vocalist, Visual, Center
Cherry - Main Dancer
Chaesol - Vocalist
Nayoon - Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Jiwon - Vocalist, Face of the Group
Haeun - Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Viva - Main Dancer, Main Rapper
Bomin - Vocalist, Visual
Lucky - Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae


Morning - Genie, Nayoon, Jiwon, Bomin, Lucky
Night - Heejin, Haeun
Midnight - Cherry, Chaesol, Viva


Mini Albums

All Day Good Day